And then there is that garment which accentuates your charisma and gives it an entirely traditional look! That’s a Kurta…

An Indian ethnic knee-length loose fitting shirt, best described in our epics as an attire which covers you till your knees. A Kurta is characterized by its comfort and style woven together which makes it uber popular across the entire South Asia.
Identify the colour you want to slain all eyes around with- Royal Red or Regal Blue, all colours and hues of your choice, presented in the designs of your perfection. A kurta such made heightens the glitzy glamour edge of your dressing in a very traditional and earthy manner. Suited just apt for all occasions like weddings or festivals, the variety we offer will make you spoilt for choices.
Finding its root in the Northern regions of India, A Kurta has gained its strong fan-base across the world. Though traditionally accompanied by a dhoti, pyjama or a salwar, It has graduated on the world-fashion ladder with its style-accompaniment with a pair of denims too! 
Kurtas by H-2 are a chic dapper-draping costume which in itself exudes a classic simplicity and earthiness. A perfect choice for any weather or season, the fabric choice is the only defining factor here. You wear it in summers and its cotton base keeps you cool and resplendent at the same time while absorbing all heat and sweat; Choose it for winters and the Silk or Brocade fabric keep you cozy like a duck’s down feather! Adorned for a formal look, this is just that garment which can be donned to office or formal functions like a weeding or a havan. Bespoke colour choice and fabric; Colours Flamboyant Red, Princely Blue, Classic Beige, Imperial Whites, Elegant Black or an Earthy Brown hue, We offer an array of choices. These myriad choices come with thread and different style of stitches. Crafted by hand, each design is a unique blend of innovation, colour and design.
Versatile, vivacious, vibrant and chic! H-2 Kurtas are a perfect example of comfort blended with uber-style panache. Known world-over for its subtle casual comfort yet a formal image, Kurtas by H-2 stand distinct and rich amongst all kinds of garments. Team it up with a dhoti for an ethnic look; with Patiala pants to stand out of the crowd and make a distinct style statement which becomes yours only for years to come. Its versatility is that edge which offers you a variety of choices to make depending on how you blend your look with this attire.


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