Drape it, Adorn it, Flaunt it Dupatta, H-2 Style.

Du- two Patta- drapes of fabrics. As the name suggests a Dupatta is a traditional Indian scarf/veil which is worn around the neck in two-folds. A fine blend of fabric and ethnic Indian cultural values, A dupatta is for that finishing look- The icing-on-the-cake look for the groom and his men-companions for the big evening!

   The Pocket Square…

What did King Richard, William Shakespeare, James Bond and David Beckham have in common?

-A Pocket Square! They all adorned and leveraged the stylish edge of the Pocket Square. A Pocket- square is that style-statement which completes your ensemble in the most fashionable manner. Available in many styles, solid colours, textures and designs, they add elegance and glamour to a man’s look.

It has taken many twists and turns in the history to make the pocket-square as it looks today, however its evolution was definitely meant for meeting out the most expansive needs of a highly evolved fashion-statement. Carrying the looks of Royals and French aristocrats, it is associated with a royal and regal look of the garment.

A trendy accessory to complete the look of both traditional and western outfits, a pocket square has safely secured its look with a Kurta, a Jacket, A waist-coat and a Bandh-Gala alike.
Teamed with a broach, A pocket-square adorns the look of a groom. Whether it’s a sherwani, An Indo-Western ensemble or your classic-chic Western suit, A pocket-square would always be a chic-bet to raise the level of your designer garment.


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